“Why Can’t Marketers Talk Straight?”

13 Aug

Lots of people in advertising use really big words or flashy words. Sometimes, I see ads where I have no idea what a word in the headline means. And I feel stupid because I don’t know. So I ask others around me to see if it’s really just me. And they have no idea either. Shouldn’t ad agencies hire 12 year old kids to see if their ads pass the “this makes sense to everyone” test?

I’ve been to client meetings before and someone’s talking and I have no idea what they’re even talking about. They’re throwing lingo left and right and to top it all off, they’re layering on an insane amount of fluff. Whenever this happens, I feel inadequate not only as a presenter, but as an ad professional. But what I’ve never thought about is that if I, a person with almost 10 years of advertising experience and a degree from Brandcenter doesn’t get it, does the client? Do clients think, “wow, this person really knows their stuff because I have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.”

My beliefs are simple:

1) Talk to the person like you would a friend. (If you acted like a used car salesman to your best friend, they would bitch slap you.)

2) Talk straight. (Name one person you know who loves bull shit.)

3) Do not shove data down their throat. (It’s a presentation or an ad, not math class.)

4) Watch their eyes. (If they’re dozing, change gears.)

5) Listen. (It’s amazing what happens when you shut up and listen.)

Check out this really great article:

Read “Why Can’t Marketers Talk Straight?”

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