Virginia HOV rule for Prius is extended until June 2010

6 May
Virginia Clean Fuel Plate $10

Virginia Clean Fuel Plat

The hybrid HOV exemption in Virginia has just been extended until June of 2010.

Those cars that have a clean fuel license plate, and are registered before July 1, 2006 can use the I-95/395 HOV lanes during rush hours.

All hybrids with clean fuel plates can use all other HOV lanes in Virginia during HOV hours, including I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road.

-From Read the full article here.

Hot diggity damn! Woohoo! I get to ride in the HOV in my Prius for at least another year.

I’ve had my 2001 Toyota Prius for almost 6 years and I’ve really enjoyed having the HOV access in Virginia. I think it’s great that there are so many hybrids on the roads. I love it when I see a chain of hybrids. I know it pisses people off. But I think what people don’t understand about hybrids is the fact that they release very little emissions. It’s a small step that will have a huge impact on our planet down the road. So do yourself and the planet a favor: buy a hybrid.

The new Toyota Prius

The new Toyota Prius

I just wish it was posted on the 66 highway signs (HOV-2 only Hybrids & Motorcycles okay No trucks) that way people wouldn’t point at me and slow down when we’re passing the state police. It’s so FN annoying. My favorite part? When the cops stare straight at me and don’t pull me over and the cars that attempted to ticket me throw their hands up in disbelief.

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