Twitter to the rescue? Find Briant Rodriguez!

6 May

Twitter is ablaze with this:

I’m #briantrodriquez -I was kidnapped yesterday by gunpoint. Please spread the word so police can find me!RT

This message has gone viral on Twitter in the hope of finding Briant Rodriguez who was kidnapped yesterday, May 4, 2009 in California.

Other posts on Briant Rodriguez’s Twitter page offer few details about the incident like: “3 year-old boy Briant Rodriguez was kidnapped by two men carrying handguns, one estimated to be 18 years old, the other 24 tied up mother.”

So far there are 804 followers, including Sam Ronson, P. Diddy and the person managing this page is requesting the help of aplusk (aka Ashton Kutcher).

@aplusk Please spread the word about little Briant, Ashton. People will pay more attention. He was kidnapped yesterday in California.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if Twitter helped find and save Briant Rodriguez? If so, Twitter would then be a force to be reckoned with.

I really hope they find Briant Rodriguez. I can’t even imagine having your child kidnapped. Go Twitter! Work your magic!!

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