First Toddler Outside Mexico Dies from Swine Flu

29 Apr
Reported Swine Flu Cases

Reported Swine Flu Cases

Shit this is scary! A 23-month-old boy died in Houston, Texas from the swine flu. The toddler lived in Mexico City, Mexico and contracted the swine flu two weeks ago after visiting relatives in a border town known as Brownsville, Texas. He died of pneumonia after contracting the swine flu. Read more about the toddler death.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to avoid Texas like the plague.

91 Americans now have this pig disease. I heard 4 Delaware University students might have it now. And there are six probably cases in Maryland. Ugh! Ban pork!!! Put your masks on already! Wash your hands! And don’t FN sneeze on me! It’s on like donkey kong.

Here’s CNN coverage of the first toddler in US who died from the swine flu:

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