This blog is so incredibly sad and disturbing; it’s a cry for help!

20 Apr
Francis Billotti-Wood's last words

Francis Billotti-Wood's last words

Recently in Maryland, Francis Billotti-Wood and her 3 children were murdered by her husband. He killed himself afterward. Christopher Wood worked for CSX in the sales and marketing department and he struggled in this new position. He was so stressed. And he worried about traveling and being away from his family. One day, he snapped. He ended their lives. Read the news article here.

What makes this story so unusual is that Francis Billotti-Wood had a blog and her last entry declared how grateful she is and how truly blessed she is. She had no idea what was to come. While eerie to read, you can’t help but feel absolute compassion for her. She seemed very optimistic and strong. The title of her blog was “What am I supposed to do now?” The answer now is just rest in peace. Read her blog here.

Boy, don't they look happy?

Boy, don't they look happy?

Update: What a sicko!! I am disgusted with Christopher Wood. The police just revealed that he had $450K in debt. Probably from them trying to sell their home in Florida. Turns out he is a sick motherfucker! (Sorry, but there are no other words to describe him. )

This sick motherfucker decapitated his three children. He used a kitchen knife and a saw! Who does that? You’re going straight to hell and there aint no turning back. There is no way stress can be blamed here. He fucking ripped their heads off. This makes me so damn angry. What is wrong with the world? Read the updated news.

Another Update: On the news last night, they said apparently Chris Wood has suffered from depression since he was a teenager. In a note he left behind, he complained that the medication he was taking was not working. One of the side effects is suicidal thoughts. (What about decapitation?) And oh yeah, apparently he shot his kids before taking their heads off. I don’t know about you, but I smell a law suit coming. It’s true what that depression commercial says, depression hurts everyone you know. It’s serious. If you think you’re suffering from depression, click here for information from The National Institute of Mental Health.

FUNERAL INFORMATION: If you would like to attend the funeral, it’s happening tomorrow on Thursday, April 23. Click here for details about the funeral.

Crime scene at the Wood's home

Crime scene at the Wood's home

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