Sex Toy + Saber Saw = Bad Trouble for coochies

7 Apr

Hey ladies. Next time, you feel like experimenting, remember, that power tools and sex toys are not friends.

Some couple in Maryland decided to get all creative and attach a dildo to a saber saw. And the stupid saw actually sawed its way through the sex toy and tore her coochie up. Ouch!

Read the coochie cutter story here.

Saber Saw Sex Toy

Saber Saw Sex Toy

One Response to “Sex Toy + Saber Saw = Bad Trouble for coochies”

  1. male masturbator November 8, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    wow, that is scary and sounds like a pretty serious injury. is there any other news about this? I heard a new toy was made along the same lines as what they are doing, but this sounds like they just took one from the garage and gave it a try, not smart.

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