Thoughts on Digital Advertising

20 Mar

Traditional advertising is a one-way dialogue.

Print: “Read me.”
Radio: “Listen to me.”
TV: “Watch me.”

Traditional advertising is completely about the client. I’m talking to you. But I’m not listening to you.

Interactive advertising is a two-way dialogue.

Mobile/Web: “Interact with me.”

We want to know what’s on people’s minds. The good, the bad and the ugly. You are talking to consumers. And they are talking back. They are expressing themselves.

Everyone’s creative. Creatives. Account folks. Brand planners. Studio peeps. Administration. Even consumers. Involve consumers. Let them be a part of the conversation, the experience…

Why do we depend on media to advertise our projects? (i.e. banners to promote a new site, emails to promote a new benefit.) How come we never ask users or involve users in spreading the word? Bloggers? Gamers?

Update: I just read this fantastic article on Ad Age and wanted to share. It’s mostly about Lee Clow’s successful Apple online campaign, but the other speakers who chime in also have some great things to say. Read this interactive article here.

One Response to “Thoughts on Digital Advertising”

  1. Nicole March 25, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    Here’s a request… Blog about this, please.

    Mess Maker Site

    Great little site. First time in a long time a brand microsite has executed such a simple fun idea so well. Hurray Huggies!

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