Google pays $25M for .app domain

28 Feb

Google is adding .app to its domain inventory. It looks like anyone can now register for .how. You can just imagine how endless .how will be.


What is Love?

27 Feb

“Love is an inside job.” -Prince Ea

Harry Potter raps

30 Oct

My mind was just blown by Daniel Radcliffe rapping Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics.”

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter.

24 Sep

For a high school kid, Apollos Hester is all heart and attitude.


Lee Michelle (이미쉘) “Without you” (위드아웃 유)

30 Mar

I am not a huge K Pop fan, but this song by Lee Michelle is amazing. I love that she did a song about the prejudices she faced in Korea growing up. Being mixed myself, it was really moving. Especially the scene where the little girl cries. It gets me every time.


Dear Future Mom

21 Mar

$1,300 budget gets 47 million YouTube visits

14 Mar

Tatia Pllieva is such a genius. She runs a clothing line called Wren Studio. Pllieva very brilliantly featured her collection on ten pairs of strangers and asked them to kiss.

Her idea was simple. And her budget was just $1,300.

Did she launch an entire YouTube campaign or Twitter campaign for her video? Nope. She went old school. She simply emailed the video to 21 people. That’s all it took. An email.


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