How to get perfect red lips by one of the bravest women ever.

12 Oct

Reshma Qureshi, an incredibly courageous 18-year-old was attacked last year by her estranged brother-in-law and some men in Northern India. These assholes held her down and poured sulfuric acid on her face. It is so easy to buy acid, it’s as easy as buying lipstick. #EndAcidSale

The biggest selfie service

2 Sep

It was really only a matter of time. Japanese tourists are a huge market for Australia, contributing almost $1 billion annually. Using a special camera and lens, Tourism Australia has figured out how to have fun with the scenery in a selfie–with GIGA Selfie. The selfie shots are available in the Gold Coast, a popular destination. It’s a pretty cool way to make the users share the beauty of Australia with the world.

Google pays $25M for .app domain

28 Feb

Google is adding .app to its domain inventory. It looks like anyone can now register for .how. You can just imagine how endless .how will be.


What is Love?

27 Feb

“Love is an inside job.” -Prince Ea

Harry Potter raps

30 Oct

My mind was just blown by Daniel Radcliffe rapping Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics.”

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter.

24 Sep

For a high school kid, Apollos Hester is all heart and attitude.


Lee Michelle (이미쉘) “Without you” (위드아웃 유)

30 Mar

I am not a huge K Pop fan, but this song by Lee Michelle is amazing. I love that she did a song about the prejudices she faced in Korea growing up. Being mixed myself, it was really moving. Especially the scene where the little girl cries. It gets me every time.


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